Throwing in the white flag thoughts?

ok girls i throwing in the white flag for dating i know im young still at 24 but im literally too creepy to find a girlfriend i have a dating profile on pof and somehow i mange to creep out many girls who end up blocking me just after one message. i just wish there was something i could invest in that could fill the void cause its never gonna happen and i realize that its one of those basic human needs. and these were various girls ranging from not so attractive to very attractive i can proudly say i tried


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  • If you give up, you ensure that it never does happen, and that's your own fault. So you had some bad experiences? Who hasn't, but you don't need every single girl you like to reciprocate, you only need one, the one you like, and you have to keep trying if you want to find her.

    • apparently you didn't get the part where i creep girls out

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    • The women aren't taking your power (nor do they have it over you), you're allowing anger and bitterness to have power over you.

    • well i tried and im finished with it

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  • now proudly wait


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  • Getting a girl online is too difficult dude i wouldn't bother tbh. Just be happy with what you got and work on yourself, join clubs and get out there.

  • First of all, POF is a site that almost nobody takes seriously. Second, online should NOT be one's primary source to meet dating interests.

    Make yourself as physically attractive as possible (diet, exercise, clothing that suits your body, having a personal style, top-notch hygiene with no exceptions), fine tune your social skills... and go out in the real world and talk to women that u encounter in everyday life that u find interesting.

    As a guy, the key to having "dating success" (whatever you're looking for), is to make sure that you keep your iterations high. Odds for success for one girl is VERY low, so the way to counteract those low odds, is to increase your iterations (aka, approach more women). This is what all the "successful" guys do!

    Talking to women everywhere, all the time, with no pressure. Just for the enjoyment of conversation, and if he gets her contact info it is a plus.

    • I'm scared

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    • Dude you're making her "no" bother you way too much!

    • Well I couldn't handle it

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