Does he like me I am confused?

i met this guy online and he would always flirt with me and text emoijs. i think the date when well but he does not text me first but he does respond and flirts with me when i do text him.
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Not text me first all the time but he has not ask me on a second date yet?


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  • Please don't meet guys online, you never know how they truly are.

    • i actually met him before in person but it just happens we saw each other online

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  • It sounds like he's interested in you. I don't know for sure, but from what you've said it seems like it.

  • No I think he's married

  • You should just ask him out straight.

  • He's obviously not that into you. He's just being nice.

    • No it doesn't mean that he could be shy, he doesn't want to come across as needy texting her first.

    • @Falamalabobala let's hear what the guy says. it is so easy to read guy's mind. if he likes someone, he will have time to text and all. but if he's not that into someone, then.. this will happen

    • My boyfriend was the exact same he never once text me first I always made contact with him because he said he didn't want to pester me when I was busy. We've been together 4 years and were engaged. So him not texting me first must mean he's not interested I must tell him.

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