Its the reality how to deal with it?

where i live in my town flat school job etc. only see girls who want to date rich people... teenage and girls in 20-30 years like mostly my friends with money cars good life and dont care who that person is , they want only money i can't find a girl who like me and not money... i feel so bad because im poor and no girls like me , life its not fair i know but when you see you dont have a chance is a real problem... i dont want to shove all girls in one category but serisly 90 % what i know dont think anything else only $$$$ ...
probably not my rank sir.


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  • Money isn't important for me

    • I wish I could say that lol

    • thats the sad part that people love you because of their interes and dont give a f*** who are you and waht you think :@

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