Girls, I messaged this girl my number. But she hasn't contacted me, what should I do?

This girl in my class has given me positive signals of interest. Me being the shy guy I am haven't had the courage to talk to her because she is absolutely stunning. We follow each other on social media and one day I had a serious question regarding class so I messaged her. We talked for a little and she stopped responding later that night so I figured it was done. But she then messaged me the next morning. I ended up giving her my number and telling her to text me if she liked but I haven't heard anything since. So do I wait until our next class meeting and try and talk to her and get her number?


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  • Nothing.
    A lot of girls get annoyed when a guy badgers her to text him. Sometimes girls' minds change. Yeah, that sounds bad... but it's life.
    Wait it out, if she messages you, there is a possibility she is interested.. If she doesn't, she's obviously not. Even if she "forgets" to text you, you probably didn't make a lasting impression that would be good enough for her to remind herself to text you.


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