Was I right for ignoring her?

I dated a girl for a short time while I was in college three years ago and she ended up completely ignoring me not responding to texts/calls/etc and gave me no explanation at all. Shortly after she ending up getting a boyfriend who she is still with.

I finished school and moved out of state and I have recently moved back, closeby to the university. I have not seen her in two years and she is also not my friend on any social media websites. But, she is still a student at the university.

Yesterday I was driving my car (different car than what I previously had) and a car pulls up behind me at the stoplight and I see someone waving out of my rear view mirror and it's her!! (I have no idea how she knew my car, maybe she saw me driving by the campus previously?)

She continues to wave for a good 20 seconds like a loser trying to get me to wave back and I luckily had my sunglasses on and pretended to not even see her. She then stops waving and puts her hand over her face out of embarrassment and has this big smile and giggled knowing that she looked stupid because I didn't even acknowledge her.

The light turns green and she passes me on the left to go around me and I know that she was looking over at me wanting me to notice her and I made sure to keep my eyes straight on the road not even paying attention to her. She then pulls in front of me and I get stuck behind her at a stoplight and the whole time I can see her looking into the rear view mirror.

Was I right for completely ignoring her and not even acknowledging her? Or should I have been cordial and wave back? After all she still has a boyfriend and was even driving his piece of junk car while doing all of this! Haha.


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  • Yes you are right for ignoring her because she ignored you. This story was too funny by the way , lmao.

    • I'm glad you thought it was funny!! Haha. You have no idea how good it felt to ignore her and give her a taste of her own medicine!!

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  • Hope one day u will not end up by giving her a nice punch on the jaw it's fine u ignore her

    • I laughed a little more than I should've when I read this hahaha.

    • 😄👍👍

  • Yeah don't overthink it. Women are pieces of shit who deserve to be ignored


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