So I have been dating this girl for 2 months and we are really close. I was wondering when is it appropriate to have the first kiss?

We are really close and do everything together. We are the more cute not the nasty kind of couple.
We are crazy for each other.


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  • just do this. you have to. just be sitting besie her on a couch, a floor, a bed *coughs* doesn't have to be a bed haha, and do this, just like randomly grab her shoulders and CAREFULLY get her pinned on the floor and kiss her. its awkward and cute and just plain awkward. everybody loves awkward. and cute too


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  • About 2 months ago, big fella. Every successful first date should be sealed with a kiss. Remember this on your next first date...

    Here's an idea though... Since you've both already gotten close enough, and you are both probably going insane thinking about your first kiss... Why don't you set up a date, and kiss her at the beginning. As soon as you meet with her, grab her and smooch that darling girl of yours. It will be so bold and unexpected, that even if the kiss is a disaster, the act itself will overshadow it completely.

    Plus, it also lets you relax for the rest of the date so you could be yourselves without constantly wondering "should I kiss her now," and without the accumulating anxiety the traditional end-of-the-date kiss brings with it.

    Nike, Just do it.


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  • Whenever you feel like kissing her lol lean in ! She's not going to reject you lol you guys are dating!


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