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Why do I get guys with kids asking me out? Am I seen as 2nd best? Recently I got a friend request online from a teen and he's sent it before also... last year we spoke for a bit that's all I didn't think much of it. So I added him and we spoke about normal stuff like hobbies weather etc just a few messages. I now think he might be a guy I liked son... I don't know this guy well but did ask a few months ago if he was single or had kids but he didn't reply via email. He's working abroad I heard and last year he flirted with me a lot in my city but I didn't show interest. If this is his son.. and they have the same last name... why would he get him to befriend me and why didn't he just say before if he has kids when I asked several months ago via email?


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  • What does someones son friending you have to do"with any of this

    • I just wanted to know why a man who I like would get his son to befriend and talk to me online?

    • He might not have. You dont know if its his son. He might not be. If he is its probably bc you ignored him. I dont know who would use their son though

    • Yeah it's creepy. I mean he should just say if he's got kids or interested via email since he's working abroad.

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