Can I still have a chance with her?

Hey, there's a girl I'm attracted to in my class. We've talked a little in class and things seem to go well.

However, when I saw her outside the class I've faked that I've received a call due to my shyness.

Do I still have a chance to ask her out or did I ruin it?

Thank you :)


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  • Why would that ruin it for you?
    Ask her the next time you see her.

    • Thank you for your honest response ! :)

      I just thought that she will perceive it negatively, and wouldn't like to go any further with me.

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  • I don't see how that would ruin it for you.

    • Maybe she took it negatively in a way that I don't care at all about her, which is the complete opposite of what I want.

      So, do you still believe despite the fact that she noticed that I faked receiving a call to avoid her did not ruin anything at all?

      Thank you for answering

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    • Thank you ! You gave me hope to pursuit her ! :)

    • Best of luck.

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  • Nope! All is good for now, just start a conversation with her when you get a chance and she will appreciate it if likes you. And if she doesn't look interested, move on and be grateful you found out sooner than later and won't waste time anymore thinking about her!

    Just remember, take it slow, become her friend first so then you can invite her for a casual chat, coffee or something, DO NOT rush, look desperate or needy!!

    • Thank you for your answer ! :)

      I thought that she will really take it negatively, and thus will not allow me to go further with her.

      As for now, I'm talking to her in class since she is closes to me.

      You gave me hope :)

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