How do I get notice by a girl? I am every girl's guy friend and nothing more and I hate it can I get some help plz?

How can improve or change myself so that i am notice by girls and not just a buddy? I haven't had a girlfriend in over a year and i feel im doing something wrong to not be notice by a girl for more than a friend.


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  • First off, let me shine a little wisdom your way.

    High school girlfriend: Everyone my age will tell you that the relationship you have in high school really doesn't have much of an impact later on. Yes it's fun and dandy but don't think you're "losing out" by any means.

    The buddy guy: Hey it's great you're able to form friendships with girls at this age, you'll learn a lot about them and if you are able to communicate with them, you're ahead of the curve!

    Best advice: Most guys in high school are push overs, don't be a push over but also don't be rude (be tactful, you'll spend a life time achieving this). If you don't want to do something, don't worry about saying no thanks. Everyday your goal should be to do something you enjoy, if you value yourself... others around you will do the same.

    This is very general and broad but don't worry about "finding a girlfriend," if that's your goal.. you're going to go nuts.

    • Thanks u did shine a lot of light on good subjects and points

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