Guys, Does he only see me as a friend or is he interested?

i moved a few hours away, two months ago for just few months (I'm coming home in a week) and just before I left I got close with a good guy friend of mine and it seemed like he was starting to become interested in me, his friends tease him about me a lot too. After I left we talked some and he really wanted me to let me know if I was ever going to to be back for a week, and said he wanted to hangout out if I was ever around. Well now I'm getting a chance to come home and I told him that and now he wasn't that excited that I'm coming back anymore... he said he needs to check with his housemate and find out if his housemate will be having a party, and I don't know now it just seems like he only wants me to come if there's a party, but I also think i let him know at a bad time when he was really stressed with school explaining why he didn't seem that excited. Is he interested or does he see me as just a friend?
? Sos anyone have an answer


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  • Do you really see a problem?
    Yes: leave him be, if he really likes you he will come back.
    No: "All is well unless you tell me otherwise"


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