Is this flirty, or not at all? Helppp! Guys particularly?

Her: You already know my opinion on your weight, you're not fat!

Him: Ofcourse I do, you think I'm massive.

Her: A massive pain in the ass, yeah?

Him: Only in certain situations ;)

Her: Not sure which situations you're referring to... :)

Him: Probably for the best really.

So. I just had this conversation with my ex. Can't figure if he's being flirty or not? Honest opinions please!


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  • Her : why don't you come over, I'll lay on my back and we can discuss it.

    That should tell you which way he's going by his response. :-p

    • Haha I like it. Is he referring to anal though or vaginal sex? I thought he was referring to sex with me but I'm not sure.

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    • One way to find out. :-p

      Ok maybe too direct.

      Her : if you come over right now do you plan to be a pain in the ass?

    • Ooh I like it :) :) yeah, i think we'd end up having sex if I said that 😳 Haha

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  • He's being flirty in a sexual manner. I don't really like taking those types of flirting to the heart because it makes me think the guy is only try to get some.

    • Thanks for your opinion :) he's my ex though, so I know him. He's definitely not seriously trying for sex, but he is being flirty in a sexual manner :)

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  • He meant that dirty.. Ahah anal jokes

    Why you talking to him? He'a an ex? there's a reason why you guys arenMt together

    • Anal joke yeah? He's not into anal :S because... I guess I still have feelings for him :/ miss him.

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    • My girls not into anal but I joke about it

    • Fair does

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