I thought this guy in my class like me, but when I gave him my number and said he could call for a drink all he said was "sounds good"?

This guy in my class would sit next to me most days and ask me questions about class a thousand times even though i never knew the answers. I finally got the courage to give him my number and say of you go to the play tonight let me know he said he had plans "strike one", so then I said or text me if you want to grab a drink he responded with a simple sounds good "strike two". . And strike three would be that he has yet to text (it's only been a few hours). I really didn't want to believe the age old sexiest rule that if he doesn't ask first he's not into you but I'm starting to think it's true.
So I found him on tinder we mated I said "you"! At first he said why did you never respond? And I obviously said because he had never texted. Then he said he was just trying to keep me humble by not texting. So we stop talking and I go into my final when he's done he goes to the opposite side of the room to tell me good luck. So I deleted tinder found him on Instagram and messaged him asking if he would ever actually use the number I gave him, once again he says he texted I gave him my number
Hours later nothing. Why not just not reply if your uninterested or not talk to me. I was taking a test after all and made sure not to make eye contact as he was leaving.


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    All of you feminists fought for equality just because you have to ask doesn't mean anything. If you get rejected it had nothing to do with you asking because men get rejected all of the time.


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  • Maybe he's just overwhelmed
    Wait a day
    Most guys text after a day

  • Could be that he's playing it cool and doesn't want to seem too eager


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