Ask her out with a Phone call?

Do girls still like being asked out over the phone? In person or bust?

Short background. She works the desk at the gym I use. Asked her out last year, got a yes, then she panicked or something and cancelled at the last minute. I still see her once a week, we talk, we're friendly, it goes pretty well, she smiles a lot. but we don't hang out and don't talk much outside seeing her when I do.
Point is I missed my weekly window to ask her in person, but it sounds lame when I say I'll wait until I see her again when I can just call her. But is that still a thing? random phone calls?


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  • Text first, to start chatting. Let that last a few hours so she's more comfortable around you.
    Most women will not say yes to dating a guy they do not even know. Hanging out one on one with someone for a few hours you haven't really spoken to? Thats where you went wrong.
    Spend more time chatting as friends, even a few hours worth, before asking her out. Then she'll be more comfortable around you and you're more likely to get a yes.

    But also remember that, she'd then be dating a customer... Which, well lets just say, I would never do that. When I'm at work, I'm just not romantically available to customer or colleague. It's unprofessional...

    • just to clarify, by "doesn't really know" I mean outside of the work basis. Casual chat to a customer is not really proper chat

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    • Ha subtle isn't really my thing. And I'm not really into or good at mind reading.
      we've known each other for a while now, and granted its only been in this semi professional kind of state, but I'd like to think we're past the idle chit chat 'feeling out' stage.
      Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time with my nonsense. you've been awesome. Above and beyond. The moral of the story is that you probably should already have been out somewhere, anywhere, before you go surprising people out of the blue with phone calls. Apparently I'm more old school than I thought, lol.

    • @asker oh thank you! You seem like a sweetheart so she'd be foolish to say no :P

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  • My sister's boyfriend asker her out on the phone but that was because of this really long complicated story.

    Anyway, yeah you can try doing that.


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