To white women... would your parents react normally, or negatively to you bringing home a black guy?

So i was watching this video above, and it got me really thinking about how white women today view dating black men, and the potential problems it may cause with your family and friends. I'm just curious to know about what the response of your circle would be. Answer the poll if you can, but I'd also like to know if the social hit you would get for dating a black guy like myself keeps you from even entertaining the idea of dating a black person. Feel free to watch the video too and post any of your experiences related to this topic. Cheers

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  • My first serious boyfriend that I dated for years, was half white, half Puerto Rican. Pretty much became part of the family. My boyfriend after him was black, I was told to not tell my nana (mom's mom) because she's kind of racist. As in she thinks anyone is ok, but once they're involved with family, she's weary (apparently, until this year, she thought my first serious boyfriend was just wrote. She was surprised when I told her he was biracial lol). So my nana found out anyway. NBD, because that didn't last but a month. The guy was really immature & he wasn't faithful. My husband is 100% Costa Rican, everyone in the family gets along with him. I would have never denied a relationship because of color or anything. My family loves me, then they have to accept who I'm with. Family comes first, yes. But not when it's in the way of my happiness. My sister (20y. o.) has been dating a very dark black guy (Jamaican, but born here) for a couple years. He's great, but there's some things I don't like about him. One is that he thinks he's funny being racist against others, including other black people. Another, is he's not very reliable, & in the beginning of their relationship, he wasn't faithful. If he straightens up, awesome. But until then, he's on parole with me. It wouldn't be any different if he were white or any other person. You gotta be a good person, & make my family member happy to be ok with me. I grew up in NC not caring, hell, I didn't even notice a difference between puerile. I came to NJ at 9y. o. & I realized people were racist bastards. It's a shame society would look down on someone just for dating someone else. In the beginning of my husband's & my relationship, everyone asked if he was legal. Like it's seriously anyone's business? Can I go back to middle school & just scream "NONEYA BEESWAX!"? :P :)

    • very interesting. Sounds like you've got a fairly liberal family. From what i can tell so far, many white women have to struggle with family acceptance if they ever brought home a black boyfriend

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    • I've never seen a black guy actually hate on a white woman, I just realized that. It usually is women. I have no idea what is wrong with women (every color/ethnic background). I've asked a Hispanic woman why- because I certainly never understood it, & I hadn't witnessed white women being that way (as of then)- & she said it's possession issues. As if the woman is "stealing" the man from their race/ethnicity lol. I will never understand some women. You can't steal someone who willfully wants to be in a relationship lol. My ex didn't have his parents around, he was 21 & lived with friends, but his parents were adopted white parents anyway, so they didn't care when they heard about me. With my family, I found I had to stick up for another boyfriend (he was white) more-so than any other. To be fair, he turned out to be a complete asshole anyway, & he had anger problems. Possibly even killed a guy, but we won't go there. For all the potential families of gfs you may meet, I apologize in advance if

    • they are assholes. We're not all like that, as I hope you know. Know that you're better, & keep your head up! If she can't handle it because of the pressure, she wasn't/isn't/won't be the right one. A woman will be able to make her own choices for her own happiness, & not be pressured, even by family racial issues. Love is love, period. One day, probably when none of us are here, maybe there well be real equality. But we can only hope, & we can only work towards it by teaching others that there needs to be true equality. Because without changing views, racists will continue to breed racists. Something's got to click one day.

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  • my dad got mad at me when he saw me hug a black dude. but to be frank, he wouldn't like it if he saw me hug a white dude, or latino dude, or east Asian dude either. he's an odd one. i don't think either of my parents would be down with me dating a black dude. it doesn't make a difference to me, i had a little flirtationship going on with a black dude in college. he was awesomesauce.

    • oh damn. sorry, not white, my opinion doesn't counttttttttt lolol

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    • i didn't watch the video, but it makes sense that the environment in which we were nurtured heavily influences our decision-making.

    • mhm. anywho, thanks for your input

  • My parents wouldn't care, but my mom would be awkward af and come across the wrong way. It's not a hate thing, it's just... I don't even know. She's just a dork. You should see her trying to talk to Canadians, it's hilarious and cringy.

    Most of my friends wouldn't care either. Frankly, anyone who would think less of me, my boyfriend, or my relationship, doesn't matter. That sounds like their problem to deal with.

    • hah, interesting. My thoughts were that white women have to take a pretty huge risk to date a black guy, because their is a bit of a social hit they would take, whether one likes it or not... and the video i posted here kinda highlighted that so i was just curious.

    • It does depend some on the area they live in and who they're surrounded by, yeah. I've surrounded myself with the right friends, and I mean... interracial dating isn't that uncommon with my family. Most of my cousins are mixed race, so I never grew up with the idea that there was anything wrong with that.

      The social hit... I can see how it has a big impact on people, but I just... speaking from experience, I really just don't care. The only people who matter to me won't care, and everyone else is irrelevant.

    • i hear ya. Well thanks a lot on your input... and kudos to your strong will

  • my mom wouldn't care she's said black guys have been attractive, my dad's side is very different, would that deter me no my happiness should be only thing that matters. I always speak up when something arises where they're being negative and hateful. I can't stand it.

    • ah interesting. So does it cause you to think twice before dating a black guy? If half your family might be against it, i imagine this must be something that you don't decide on as quickly as you might with a white guy

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    • yeah i hear ya. Thanks for your input :)

    • of course your welcome

  • It wouldn't be looked at as negative but it would be a big deal, like the biggest news to talk about and tell everyone - not as half a big deal as me coming home with a girlfriend though..

    • why would it be a big deal? I mean, i get that it might be unexpected, but if they dont look down on it, what makes you feel like it would be big news?

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    • yeah you're right. Anyhow, it is what it is. One thing every person should do is get at least one black friend, and probe them about their life and how things are different for them simply because they are black. You'd be surprised. Anyhow, thanks for your input!

    • You welcome 😜

  • I personally don't have a race prefrence when it comes to being attracted to a guy and honesty by family is kind of grossely old fashioned about interracial relationships. That doesn't make me shy away from men of another race though.

    • so you're not afraid that you family may turn their back on you if you ever decided to marry a black guy?

    • They would get over it... they would talk about me behind my back lol but I dont care. My families opinions, as harsh as it sounds, hold no merrit in my opinion.

    • well that says a lot about your heart. Thanks for your input!

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