Do you think this girl is interested in me?

There's this girl I've recently met. I hung out with her on Saturday night when we both went to see the university orchestra perform. She gave me her email because I told her I had a video I wanted to show her. I gave her my number afterwards, and she said she would text me. I've been running into her in the dining hall the last couple days, but it's only been when one of us has finished eating. I hope I haven't scared her because before we met, we've never seen each other in the dining hall. My community's dining hall closes at 7 pm and her's closes at 11 pm, forcing everyone in my community to go to her community's dining hall for late night dinner. She probably doesn't know that and maybe thinks I go there just to run into her, but I just go there because my dining hall closes too early. She even told me that she doesn't know that much about the different dining halls in our school, so that's why I think she might be scared about seeing me so often.
Also, I did email her, and she has responded, using exclamations and emojis. The last email I got from her was Tuesday. But she hasn't texted me yet. I decided to send an email to her yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, and now it's Thursday afternoon and still haven't gotten a reply. She usually replies in the morning. Also, when I've seen her in the dining hall, she just looks at me and says, "hey." She never smiles at me.
The reason I still think that she's interested is because we have so many things in common. When we hung out on Saturday, she seemed nice and interested in me. She asked me about what I do on my free time, and we suggested places to go. It was really genuine and real. We are both loners and have no friends in college. She told me she spends her entire day in her dorm and only goes out to eat. I'm the first person who she's really gotten to know here in college. We're also band geeks, like video games, anime, etc. Wh
Also, I've noticed that she hasn't come to the music center ever since I've made friends with her. I go there every day and have run into her a couple of times. I'm really scared that I might have given her the wrong number, and now she's mad at me or something and won't respond to my email. I have anxiety disorder, by the way, so this is sending me into a whirlwind of depression and fear.
I know that she's going to see the university wind ensemble concert on Friday, and I'm in it. I'm thinking of emailing her and asking her if she wants to get dinner afterwards.


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  • I think it's more friend vibes than anything else to be honest


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