Do men really think this is acceptable? and girls how would you feel if you were his ex?

Hi I dated this guy for a month. He was charming and friendly. Everything seemed to be going well we made plans to see each other the last time we saw each other. The last time we met he was going to meet up with a friend which I've recently found out was his ex. They have now got back together. Instead of ending things outright he played games as if wanting to keep me in the background just incase even saying he needed time to himself but still wanted to speak to me. In the end after some pushing he sent a message full of excuses ending things. The thing that I find the worst part for both myself and his girlfriend is that on the last day we saw each other he had sex with me and then went to get back with her. Do men really think this is acceptable? I understand I meant nothing to him but honestly how can he be sleeping with me right before he goes to get the girl he loves back? I know how I would feel if I was her. But maybe I'm naive? What do other girls think?


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  • He clearly doesn't respect either of you. But you have to find a way to let that go, and understand that people don't always meet your expectations, or behave in a way you think is acceptable. Dwelling on it will only cause you problems, not him.

    • I have found it hard to move on as I kept deluding myself that he wasn't that bad but I think I've realised he had no respect for me and manipulated the situation for himself

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  • Unfortunately is not just guys. I was ina relationship with a women even married to her for 3 years and i finally found out that she was cheting on me. The worse is that she assure nothing was wrong and that she had ended things with her ex. I ended up falling for her and at the end just to find out that she was stilling doing it with her ex 8 years later. So honey is not just guyz

    • I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But in the long run I do believe she did you a favour you can move onto someone who will treat you with respect.

    • Thank you, and yes after coming out depression i can see that she did do me a favor. I can actually see myself going places in the future 😀

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