Have I been friend-zoned?

I really like this girl from work. She is 20, on a years placement (started within the last couple of months), and i am 22, fully employed. We have been on a couple of dates, both ending with french kisses. We get along and joke in a playfull manner.

She has been off this week from work with flu. I have offered to keep her company and look after her but here are some of her responses:

Me: I am working half a day on Friday so could come around and keep you company? xx
Her: Aww thats really sweet, but i wouldn't want to give you flu and make you hate me ;) xx

Me: hey *insert nickname here* - (in a playfull manner:) awww, poor you, now i will feel guilty because you are alone, so expect a random knock on your door sometime in the afternoon. I kid, but in all seriousness i don't mind helping you out. xxx
Her:Don't you dare i ook so gross! Aww that's sweet thanks *insert nickname here* xxx

Have i been friend-zoned?


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  • No. She's sick, she doesn't want you seeing her that way. It's one conversation, don't over-analyze it.


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