I like this guy who teases me a lot, what is the best way to find out if he likes me?

Im a junior girl in high school and I have very, very, little experience in regards to dating/texting guys or even what to look for if a guy likes me. This isn't because I'm ugly or any thing, it's because I am from a strict Christian home. Anyways, there is this guy in my science class who is constantly teasing and making fun of me (nothing malicious, light hearted) every chance he gets, there are also several others involved, but he is one of the main ones. I happen to like this guy, but I can't seem to figure out if he likes me back. I messaged him a few weeks ago (before I liked him) asking what the science hw was, and he gave it to me and that was that, in other words no continuation of the conversation on his part. I have noticed him catch my eye a few times in the lunch room, but That's about it. What does the teasing mean? Should I message him and casually start a convo? He got out of a relationship about a month ago (according to my friends) so could this be a factor in everything? Also going the direct route, i. e. Straight up telling him I like him, could result in a momentous amount teasing from him and is friends (I might just be being paranoid)


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  • Ask him out. He will probably say yes


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