Is this even a realistic decision?

I want to move out to another bigger urban city. I want to be discovered as a model or even actress ( i am 23 already and time is running out to become a model). I come from a small city of 175.000 people with a southern mentality, the simple life... the boring life. I barely meet photographers, actresses, actors someone who can one up me. I dont have family in that city or friends, i dont study there, its a city of 610.000 people and closer to the capital city. Is this a stupid childish decision? My brother said i was naive to move away from family and think my life is gonna change magically. He said i dont know the city, thats its tough. But i have this aching feeling for change... or maybe i just need to stay in my local hometown for a while untill i have my drivers license and my degree and then move for the safety of it, but i just feel so... trapped and feel like my life is passing by at the age of 23, its making me restless, or am i too old to even considering becoming a model and should just give up on that dream, no modeling agency wanted to hire me after sending my pictures but something inside me says i have it, and i am entering a model competition next year in February, i just feel like i am getting older and older...


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  • You can move if you want, but you need to be able to support yourself, and financially support your endeavor to be an actress/model with your own income. Don't have unrealistic expectations that someone will just discover you because you seek them out. It's one of the hardest industries in the world, and it can take years and years to even get an opportunity to meet someone in a position of power who will offer you an opportunity to be involved in that industry, and not even necessarily model or act.


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