Does anyone else find there boyfriend boring?

AV been with him for 2 years now and we also live together but latley everything we have been together just isn't fun or exciting. When we go out for dinner we have nothing to say to each other and just sit on our phones half the night. Even when we go out for a nightout just us two it's not fun there no laughs he will sit and sip on a beer all night moaning about when we can leave and I will down shots and vodka like there going out of fashion to try and get a buzz so I can have some fun. He never wants to go out with his mates and just goes to work or stays home watching tv. i spoke to
him about this issue but he just says he is happy. Do u ever find your boyfriend boring? AV started to distance myself from him latley spending a lot of time out with friends and staying at my family's house some weekends.


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  • It's good to have your own space and time apart too.
    But, talk to him about what you and him could do that you'd both enjoy. Ask for tips to spice it up.
    Don't approach it like there's a big problem, just dig in and find a little spark that used to be there, ya know? :)

  • Yeah i felt like that at two years with my ex. Its a difficult spot to be in and honestly it just might be that the spark is gone. Try something new in the bedroom?


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