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So there's this girl I'm interested in. We met not too long ago. I spent some time with her and then asked her on a date. She turned me down and said she didn't want a relationship at the time. I'm like okay. Then not too long after that, I texted her and mentioning we should catch up as friends again and she agreed. We got dinner together and it was a fun time. But since then we have also hung out and studied together and even worked out together. The issue is (and please correct me if I'm wrong), I don't think she is that oblivious that she's at least thinking "hmmm is he still interested?" The issue is that she never really initiates or text me at all. She agrees to these "hang outs" and stuff but never actually initiates on her end. What is going on? Is it because I'm the guy so she as the girl is expecting me to initiate? If so, it's kinda like beating a dead horse because I keep trying but I get no effort on the other end except agreement to do something. I can't tell if she is interested or not.
  • she think that I'm interested and not just being friends
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  • she doesn't think that I'm interested since I said just as friends
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  • she is interested but just wants me as the man to initiate
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  • she is not interested
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  • She is not that interested in you.


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  • Girls don't initiate so try talking to her


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