What am I missing here? What's he trying to say?

We've hung out a few times but he always seemed to wait for an excuse/reason to hang out (except our first meeting.. Where He seemed anxious, constant fidgeting - he came across a bit shy and so was I). Texting is about a 50/50, and he's always responsive right awayzzLast week he said he's up for hanging out if I want to, and I said yes.. So this past Friday I asked if we were gonna hang out at some point or not in which he responded that he's free anytime (there is a lot of inside joking going on too, it's not so dull) ... After our convo got off topic, I simply asked when he'd like to get together... His response was dunno? - at that point I told him I'm going to take that answer as no - Which he responded with no, it's a sooner or later? 😊 ... If he's free anytime and wants to hang out... What is stopping him from just choosing a day?


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  • I say he is just shy. Probably anxious about the whole thing.

    • So is me continuing our regular joking and waiting for him to come around on his own the best choice so he doesn't feel any pressure?

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    • Thanks 😊

    • You are welcome.

  • I think you didn't miss anything, he's just another indecisive guy on this planet. He's the man, he should set the date (since it has been obvious u been asking him when he's free), chill. Leave him if you can't stand his circling behavior anymore, continue date other guys.


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