Would these comments be alarming from a guy?

"I've seen everything on instagram and I see why no one respects you one bit. These guys that like yours pictures, do you enjoy the comments and attention? Why do you enjoy showing off your body on social media? I'm gonna be honest and say yes, you're acting like an attention whore. "

" We barely break up and you had another dude, thats a hoe move"

Sometimes he would get upset if I talked about getting a job or getting a new car before him. He never seemed happy for me and I would ask him why he didn't seem excited for me and would just say " oh", he never gave an explanation. One time he made a comment ( He wasn't trying to be "rude" more funny, but it still shows how he would always want to do some things before me) He said :
" Also, i'm gonna go ahead and get my lisence otherwise your ass will be driving before me and I don't want that"

" Be good, and keep to yourself mostly"

" For my birthday i'm going to wish that EVERY guy would stay away from you, or hopefully you can push them all away "

" any guy that has anything with you I hate"

" don't forget to study for your exams cause I mean you don't have any boys to talk to at home like I don't have any girls except my cousins "

" I love you and stay out of trouble and away from bad influences like that guy David, and whatever else there is "

" I hope you're not pregnant because I won't be able to be around for a while…but ill still help"

" I hope I have the balls to raise a baby" (he left me for another girl when he thought I was pregant, but said he left because we had too many problems- we got back together shortly after)

" i love you and hopefully we can be together in the future have a nice day and stay the hell away from these stupid guys "

Were both 18 if that helps. I'll admit I was pretty jealous myself at times. I would get mad if I saw him with another girl, or sometimes i'd get pissed off if he hugged one. He cheated on me more than 5 times I know for sure. I cheated on him too, and then started doing it just to " get revenge" and make him angry. So I did make my fair share of mistakes with cheating.


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  • Y'all need to stay away from each other.

    1. He cheats.
    2. You cheated too, which yeah, you apologize for, and no offense but that isn't something you can make up for.
    3. He's clearly possessive in the grossest possible way.
    4. You say that you are also jealous, and jealous + jealous = disaster
    5. Any guy who calls you a whore (unless you have specified that you're cool with being called this- like an inside joke or something) isn't worth your time.

    That's all I have to say about that.

    • couldn't have said it any better.

  • Y'all both need to walk the fuck away


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