Girls, There is this girl I wish I could talk to, but whenever I see her I get intimidated... what should I do?

There is this girl i find really attractive that goes to my school, The issue is, i hardly ever see her, we aren't in the same grade, and when i do see her i get so nervous. I know where her locker is and i know where one of her classes are but its meaningless if i can't even talk to her... I mean... she's literally almost everything i like in a girl. She has a pretty face, nice body, and she dresses nicely, also as i watch her, it seems like she has a great personality. I just can't find the guts to talk to her because of how attractive she is. I feel like she's out of my league... I've always been portrayed as a bit of a dork and a loser.. and i really think she deserves someone of her caliber you know... I don't know what i should do next... The only interaction i've ever had with her was 5 second eye contact which of course means nothing...


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  • Maybe write her a note or friend her on fb


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