So does he like me or what? Help me out please?

So Im not really sure about this but I might as well ask.
So almost everyday at school I see this guy he seems to stare at me everytime he sees me not like a normal stare but a long gaze. Im not sure if he likes me or not maybe he's just looking in my general direction? Whenever I see him his eyes dilate.


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  • Only one way to find out. If he's too slow in making his moves and actually talking to you, then you're going to have to initiate and hit him with a frying pan to clear out his mind:

    It does look like he is interested and simply can't keep his eye off you. Maybe he'll make his move, and maybe he won't, but if you like him, simply talk to him; it's better to know than not at all and contemplate of what could have been or should have been.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It usually doesn't mean anything. People have a habit of staring at things/surroundings/other people.


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  • Its a typical 3-steps problem :

    Approach. Talk. Ask.


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  • Could be something could be nothing. I had something like that all the time but when I talked them, they freaked out


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