How do I not get upset when we both love each other, but have to wait months to be together?

Long story short- I just moved far away to pursue working on my career and the guy who I've been on and off with for a few years decided to admit his love for me since I moved. I knew he would do this, so it's almost like I moved out of revenge too. I tried to stay strong saying I'm not moving home for you I need to work on myself, but the truth is I love him too a lot and told him. We tried to text and talk long distance but we don't want to start that way And mess it up- we decide to start Fresh after we both work on school and work a little bit more. I try to go on dates but all I can think about is him- I can't enjoy my time because I'm thinking about how happy I am with him. I promise myself to give it time out here so I don't regret going home, but I'm not happy because I can't stop thinking about him and just want to talk to him. What do I do in this situation?


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  • Follow your heart. At this point, your regret will feel worse in the long term than doing what you know you want to do and even having that fail. Pretty much it's going to be on your mind until you can get the answer of will it work or not. If you think you can find a job back home and give you guys a shot then do it. You know you want to. Or if he can come to where you are. The on and off thing tells me you have already been close for a while, so it's not like its all for a brand new relationship. You probably have some idea of compatibility already. Sounds hella corny and cliche, but follow your heart. It seems your'e in the 18-24 bracket. You're young. Do what you WANT, shape the world to your whims. It seems you've answered your own question.


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