Should I be worried about my Girlfriend listening to these kinds of songs?

One of her favorite songs is the first one? She played it in the car with me once and she said it has no hidden meaning but it still bothers me..


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  • I think you need to calm down. It's just music. Sometimes people like music for the beat and sometimes they like it for the lyrics. Jusy because someone likes a song doesn't mean anything.


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  • Hey, I think it's great to share your appreciation of music with your SO.

    Pick up a copy of this song, learn the lyrics and learn to sing it all the way through. Then share it with her as your new favorite song. (Let her know you heard one of the contestants on "The Voice" sing it. Pro tip: download his version on iTunes.)

    Just make sure to let your girlfriend know that you love the song for the guitar cords.


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  • You probably enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, does your girlfriend assume that you're gay? See, it sounds a bit ridiculous.


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  • Some people like songs for the tune and not necessarily their lyrics. I'm the opposite, I like good lyrics in a song. This could be that type of situation. However, if you're worried about there being a hidden meaning, you have to talk to her. Strangers on the internet cannot help you figure this one out.

    Let her know that you pay attention to lyrics when considering a song and she may disagree.


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