Why girls lie that they have a boyfriend if they like a guy?

A girl started conversation with me... she literally threw herself at me...
and now she says she has a boyfriend...
and when i say her goodbye, she says "u broke friendship, u broke everything"
as if she doesn't want me to leave aswell...
what does she want? why she is doing all this? pls help...


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  • She likes you

    • Is she lying about her boyfriend then?

    • Could be

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  • I don't know some reasons can be: Okay I am saying the possibilities so please don't mind.

    1. She is not a serious type of woman, meaning she is not the kind of woman who is looking for something serious with guys and she likes to keep other guys around her ( whether in a relationship or not doesn't matter).

    2. Things are not going right on her current relationship and so she wants to keep her options open.

    3. She really wants your company, she really thinks of you as her close friend, she thinks of you as an understanding, supportive person. She finds you impressive and admirable.

    • she told me that things are not right between her and her boyfriend...

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  • Maybe she HAS a boyfriend, but likes flirting with other guys because it makes her feel wanted. Desired. Sought after. Some people are like that bro. Take things for face value until you have reason to think otherwise. If she says she has a boyfriend she probably does.

    • Bro...
      for the last 4 months... that girl is stalking me, trying to get my attention and doing what not like a psycho...
      she is the one who initiated the chat... and we exchanged mails...
      so while emailing she said i have a boyfriend,,,, and i said ok... then after 2 minutes she again brought up the topic that "dont be disappointed im not single, i make a good friend"
      then when i said ok goodbye... "i like u but u already have a boyfriend... so i dont want u to cheat on him"
      so she replied... "fine go, i will send u my wedding card , u will feel jealous"
      "how will u forget me... even when u will close ur eyes.. u will see my face"
      bro... if a girl has a boyfriend... how come she will chase a guy for 4 fuckin months?

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    • Lots of girls initiate chat. There are LOTS of confident girls out there who will strike conversations and not because they're looking for sex or desperate. But anyway, How do you know she doesn't chat with anyone else. Also, saying you have a boyfriend as a way to get closer to someone is retarted. She sounds psycho the way you're describing her

    • Hahaha bro... i have seen her... im the only guy she went up from her seat and sat with me...
      yeah many people have told me... that this girl seems psycho... she is not normal...
      and yeah... u can search google... "do girls lie about having a boyfriend to the guys they like"
      and u will see a fair amount of results showing that yes some girls do it...

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