Guys, if you really like the girl, do you still try to go for sex right away?

If a guy only wants sex from a girl, he's not going to waste any time going for it. But they say if he doesn't want just that then he won't. So I wanna know if you truly like a girl, do you still try to sleep with her right away or do you put it off? Why?


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  • I wouldn't mind waiting, but I would still want sex right away if possible. I personally don't understand why we have to wait. I mean, you spread your legs for a stranger that bought you a drink and called you sexy, why do you wanna wait months for the one your have feelings for?
    I would want to sleep faster with a girl I have feelings for than for one I don't, cause I don't care about the latter.

    • Never thought of it that way, but I couldn't agree more. Apparently girls have been getting the wrong impressions from a guys actions

    • I get it some say it's a way for them to see if the guy just wants them for sex, but for a guy, her withholding sex means that she either doesn't like us, or she's using her for our money, especially if we know she has had one night stands of fuck buddies. If we know she doesn't sleep around, then we don't mind to wait, cause we know she applies that to every guy, but if she only applies that to me, it's a huge red flag.

    • I didn't know guys thought of it that way, so her sleeping with you right away wouldn't make you lose interest in her? I heard it does that too

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  • Yeah, that's still really the best way to lock her in. The only real difference is that we might do some other things and maybe talk about some real shit rather than the usual empty banter.

  • It depends. Honestly when a guy is horny, his lower head takes over his upper and quite honestly rationality goes out the door. I'd say most people would try to build somewhat of a foundation first, if a relationship is goal. But that old saying is true, men can be dogs. One track mind. Me personally, I've just never been into sleeping around. I like having the "CONNECTION", so I always put it off until I decide weather I actually like the person or not and Pursue a relationship.

    Also be aware, have you ever heard the saying "the thrill of the chase?" I've known both guys and girls who enjoy the dating game and the pursuit of sex, and then not long after sex starts getting bored and leaving. There's all matters of people out there

  • If I like get of course I want to have sex with her, cause I probably want her to be my girl

  • Kinda true, because when I met my wife, I waited for a few months.

  • "If a guy only wants sex from a girl, he's not going to waste any time going for it."
    Are you sure about that? I feel like it's something people (mostly girls) say.

    I don't see why I wouldn't go for sex right away. I think it's a matter of girls projecting and guys not being able to relay the concept to female brains effectively. In a guy's mind he's not all tied up about the idea of sex. It's a totally comfortable thing, they like it so if the situation presents it self and they feel like it then they can go for it.

    If you begin from the premise that sex is this totally comfortable and mundane thing that guys don't get all twisted up about, then you should understand that want sex right away isn't really a good indicator of intent. But also, you can't just pass judgement on them like it's got nothing to do with you. The way you behave determines if they like you and actually want to spend time with you. More specifically, I'm saying don't play hard-to-get because that hurts you.

    • Sorry if I came off kinda sexist. It's just the way it's projected I guess. Because as you mentioned, guys are so comfortable with the idea of it, some get it and then leave and we feel it's all they wanted. Just in my experience, they wouldn't waste any time getting it and going, if it's all they were looking for, and wanted nothing more.

    • My point is that I think it's bad measure. I think it's rare to find a guy to really only wants sex. I think it's mostly girls deciding in there own minds what a guy's intentions are and project it. What a guy wants often comes from your interactions - and the guys that do want sex could be straight up about it or they could be pick up artist types willing to put in the time. Bad measure.

      Guys usually approach it with ambiguous desires, deliberately. That's the practical way, anything can happen. In this sense girls might say that guys "don't know what they want" but in actuality they are choosing to be open to all possibilities, they have to be. Your behaviour influences what he wants. It's complicated though, which is why I mentioned playing hard-to-get. Interestingly, playing hard to get often creates the ONS-and-leave mentality and them having a negative attitude about you... in at least one study.

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