Complications with a shy guy... help?

So, my crush I'm pretty sure is shy. Yeah, he's popular, and he has plenty of friends from both genders, but around me I don't know... he gets shy, I guess you could say. Well, shy when we're alone in a room, or really loud when he's with his friends and I'm near him.
He stares at me, then ignores me when I'm close (typical). And he's talked about me to his friends, and his friends even tease him around me. Skmething just happened on Wednesday actually😂So I mean, I guess he must be a little interested, right?
So here's where the confusion comes in. We're having a school dance soon, and this junior girl (we're sophomores btw) asked him to go with her. She doesn't like him, I know that, and I think they're friends. But I'm not sure about him. I don't think there's anything going on, but I was still hurt to find out that he accepted her offer of going. So, even though he decided to go with her, is there still a possibility of him liking me?


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  • if you dont tell to him you like he will no do it because is shy belive me helpm him and be tg


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  • To me it sounds like he likes you. It sounds like he gets nervous around you and it's penalty because he likes you and does not know if the feeling is mutual. He probably accepted the other invitation to be polite.
    How did you hear that he is going with her? You could act like you did not know and ask him yourself if you really wanted to go with him or at least he will know your interested. Good luck!

    • I would have said the same thing to you @asker, it's better to pretend and ask the guy out. If he likes you he would probably tell the other girl that he can't go with her but will go with you. Well incase he's a nice guy and doesn't want to hurt the other girl. You could always hit on him in the dancehall, best of luck!

    • Thanks so much for your helpful advice! :) I found out he was going with her because he posted a picture on his snapchat story of the poster she made him asking him to the dance.

    • @asker good luck! I bet it will work out. :)
      Since you found out in a non direct way, you definitely could pretend you did not know haha

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