Guys, why does this guy go out of his way to talk to me even though I ignore him?

So this guy is a former crush of mine. We used to be friends but long story short we had a lot of arguments over dumb things and instead of really talking it out he kinda just started ignoring my texts and stopped hanging out with me. I took it to heart and decided if he won't talk to me through text why should i say hello back to him in passing lol well he gets pissed everytime i do this but he stills talks to me lol it's weird. I think he used to or still has feelings for me.


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  • Because he is a former crush of yours and used to be friends.

    • Well that was a lot of help. Me personally, if a guy always ignored me whenever i tried to say hey to them I'd just stop talking to them

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    • Maybe your right.. I don't know i wish he would just have a conversation with me about it. Nope I'm not dumb.. maybe you're dumb

    • Does denial ever change anything? :(

      Have a good day.

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