I'm confused do I like him?

There's a guy he's really nice at least I think so but there's something about him he's also really abnoxious and rude and he loves to argue our families know each other from a club that we both go to and according to them we are very much alike but how can I get to know him. Whenever I'm around him i can't stop smiling and or laughing and neither can he I get really nervous around him as well and can only think of maybe 1 or 2 words to say to him I dk what this means also he always try's to insult me but then adds to the end of a sentence I'm only joking so basically I'm confused do I like him? does he like me? what's going on also when ever I'm around him his friends and girls I've never even seen before start trying to but in and talk to him or ask why we're together and my friends basically do the same so what should I do cause it's gettin a bit awkward 😂


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  • If you don't know yourself, how can strangers know lol?


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