Girls, scared of loosing her?

Ok so I'm talking to this girl and I really like her we talk everyday and we had our first kiss already but yesterday we where at school and we talked just a little and free school I tried talking to her but she never replied back I think it's because I saw her in the hall but didn't say hi I berly saw her so I wasn't paying attention If it was her but we where talking after that just when we left school she hasn't replied back what do you guys think please let me know cause she was online on Facebook and stuff


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  • Then go talk to her and ask what is her problem.. Why she ain't relying

    • I will I haven't seen her today tho but I'm just nervous that she might just say to leave her alone :(

    • So I talked to her and she told me to leave her alone she gave me no reason at all what should I do?

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