Do I have the right to be mad?

So me and my boyfriend was in bed just talking and one he said i act like the world is against me all the time and that it annoys him! and two says he is most dominant one in our relationship!

He always tickles me which i don't mind once in a blue moon but like something like every 5mins he knows i hate it! i told him from the start i don't like it at all it annoys me!

and then today he was telling me he has back pain and how he is tired because he is still having trouble sleeping, he's been like that for like 2 weeks and i told him to see a doctor and he asked why? so i told him that something might be up better to be safe then sorry! then he says how i over think and worry to much and how its nothing serious at all and i need stop worrying all the time! I only asked him to go because i care about his health!

So i got mad after that and simply stop messaging him!


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