Does it ever get awkward when you start texting someone but on some days, you're not sure whether you should initiate contact?

I like girls that take the iniative, but I find a lot of girls I talk to will never text me first. It's almost a turn off that they can't initiate a simple conversation, so you're left with this awkward silence game of waiting for a text. Do you all go through that too? Personally, I find this to be a deal breaker because she clearly can't put 1 foot forward and take initiative. This also screams out insecurity and shyness too me, anyone agree?


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  • I really like when girls try to initiate a conversation and don't let the guy do it every time. However, some girls just don't text people in general because their so busy with lives.
    Luckily, I found a girl who does like talking to me and she always seems to text me if I don't text her :)
    Good luck


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