Girls, If a guy gets asked out by girls regularly, does that mean he is extremely attractive?

One of my best friends is totally successful with girls. Like he's that one guy out of 100 who has girls lined up for him. Girls even ask him out, which has never happened to any other guy I know. I can't judge male attractiveness very well, so does the fact that girls ask him out all the time mean that he's super attractive?


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  • Probably, that or he has a really nice personality. However not ever girl values personality over looks so I bet he is at least better than average.

    • I just don't see any other guys who get asked out by girls. It's like he has this magic power over girls.

    • He may just come across really charming and confident. A lot of girls are attracted to that. He has an inviting air about him, he also must be pretty lucky lol. Maybe you could try and get him to score you two a double date haha

    • Girls will go out with me, but I always have to do the work. He has girls begging to be with them.

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