Why was he in disbelief when I told him I liked him?

A year ago we first hooked up and had sex after a night out. A month after he asked me out on a date and we hung out again after, but I was going back to school so we would just hooked up whenever we saw eachother. I finished school and moved back and we have been hooking up ever since.

We have never really talked about our feeling ever until last night when I asked him if it was just about sex/if he just wanted to sleep with me and he said he was not answering that. So I then asked if he liked me and he said of course he likes me and I said I did too and cared about him, but he was sort of in disbelief...

I feel we really do have something... we can't keep away when we see eachother. He is always trying to sit next to me or gets really shy around me when were not drinking and avoids eye contact. He will do things for me ike drive me home after we hangout with friends even though I live far and kiss me.

I know I should have told him earlier I liked him, but didn't really know what I wanted. I do like him and really want to hangout with him, get to know him and progress our relationship. I get we've kept it casual and that'scomfortable.. would he go for something more? or is it too late? Should I just end things?


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  • Yeah I've done that before. It's good emotional manipulation because it makes you a bit vulnerable and makes you seem more genuine/humble.

    • is that a good thing or bad thing?

    • what do you mean

    • It's a bad thing, you're getting played.

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