Is this kind of rude?

I once went on a date with this guy, things were going well then his friends showed up none the less we got drinks and he offered to pay for mine, basically insisted so he asked me to meet up again and I said yes, over time I realize I didn't like the way he interacted with me whilst other people were around because he felt like he had to prove something. Ultimately we weren't s good match and he asked me to go for drinks again, I never indicated that I liked him and he just said he enjoyed him time the final meet up he asked to go to my place and he said he liked me I told him that I wasn't looking for anything serious and didn't think we no longer were a match. THEN he got awkward and said "well okay then, do you have to go to the atm or something to pay for your drinks?" He was the one who had always previously paid and I'm in no way against paying I just thought it was rude
He always was so persistent in paying for my drinks, I didn't expect him to never but he just flipped like a light switch
Also we didn't go to my place because I wasn't interested *


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  • ... Was Rude... And Crude here, dear.
    He sounds like Someone you don't Need to be 'Around' as well. You have seen for yourself without a fly on the bar wall and all Telling you That... You Both just don't "match' and and every time you 'Meet up again,' it will only end up In... A pissing match instead.
    Good luck. xx

    • You were honest in telling him Right out so he didn't continue to think you Both were a Match.. xx

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    • So welcome.:)) xxoo

    • Thanks, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence and happy holidays and Cheers.:)) xxoo

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  • Your post is very confusing. "I told him that I wasn't looking for anything serious and didn't think we no longer were a match." If you told him that while at your place, Why did you continue to go out with him and let him buy you drinks?

    • We didn't go to my place we were still out for drinks! Well I've had make friends that would buy me drinks and they know they're just my friends etc. So as I'm not against paying and even insisted a couple times, he showed his true colours when I told him I wasn't interested

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    • The third time! the first time we were with his friends so I saw only some of his cockiness, and the second time was just a quick drink to give him the benefit of a doubt and lastly the third is when I told him. I do think his comment was uncalled for, like I would've paid for it all but his comment just made me think "wow really", he could've waited till I pulled out my wallet haha

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