Guys, How much info is too much info?

I work with a guy who seem to like me (he invited me for coffee months ago). I care a lot for him, even if we are very different. I've never flirted with him as I have strong emotional issues. But he keeps looking at me (sometimes with a benevolent look, some other times he looks annoyed).

As this situation is taking a very bad toll on me, I've invited him for lunch to discuss what's going on. I can assume that he'd rather "live" the situation than talk about it, but that's not an option for me at this stage.

However now I'm wondering what to tell him as I really don't want to sound like I'm accusing him of anything. I would like to make him feel comfortable. Any advice on how to approach that lunch?

(I must also add that I've decided to quit this job, so working for the same company shouldn't be a problem now).

Thanks !!!


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  • So you care a lot for this guy... as a friend, correct?
    What do emotional issues have to do with this? Its a job, so its fine if you dont flirt back.
    From the sound of this, if you brought it up during lunch then I believe it would make him feel uncomfortable. If you just want to be friends then say it, tell him you like him as a friend and would like to still keep in touch once you leave this job. Use the word friend a couple of times and dont lead him on.


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