How to ask a Girl out? To get to know her?

So, there's this Girl in work with me that I really want to get to know But I really have no idea how to approach the situation. Firstly I know nothing about her, whether she's currently seeing someone or not I have no idea. Secondly, say for example I ask her out to Dinner somewhere would that be a good move or not just to spend some time to get to know her or not?

I have never had, or thought of having a Girlfriend per se. So for me this is an extremely awkward situation. Any suggestions/tips/anything from Guys or Girls is GREATLY appreciated!

Specific questions:
How would you start a conversation?
How would you actually ask? Subtly? or Straight up?

Where would you as a person like to go to get to know someone? Dinner?
If someone were to just come up to you and ask you straight to your face would you think of them Weird/Others?

I should clarify, when I say Dinner I mean like a Restauruant in the Afternoon/Evening


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  • how would i start a convo
    with hi


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