So this is how she left me?

Her dad died, so she breaks up with me and tells me to give her time. Not even 2 days later, this guy posts a picture of them on facebook and changes it to his profile picture. she's commenting on his pics saying "Picture Comment me?" With kissy faces and all this stuff. So then. 2 days after that, she comes to my house and begs for me back. Tells me to wait for her to heal, and stay friends with her. She didn't know i knew about the whole facebook thing yet. She kept telling me she loves me and will always love me.

What would you do? This is the second girl that has played this type of game on me. Wtf.


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  • I would play dumb for just long enough to open up that page and ask her to explain it. When she started back peddling and stuttering I would bust out laughing and tell her she has no decking clue what love is and she can take her lying azz back to the guy on FB

    • Oh i made her explain it dude. She said he was just "there for her" and he was just a friend. But then why kissy faces? Why profile picture? Bitches love playing dumb. can't believe even after that, she had the balls to come back to me. like what? lol

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    • Daaaaaaaaamn !!! What a crock

    • I look at it like this , trouble never has a problem in finding someone , so don't go chasing it

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  • Her dad just died... she's probably going through a lot of emotions right now. It can be tough and everybody deals with it in different ways. Facebook quiet frankly sucks... if you hadn't known about the picture would you take her back?

    • probably. But she was making kissy face comments on his pictures, and he changed a picture of them TOGETHER as his profile picture. like I don't know how you can post public ally something like that and have the balls to ask for you ex boyfriend back. EVERYONE saw the fuckin picture. its facebook, so thats just fucked up. lol

    • The fact is that HE changed the profile picture, she didn't change her's. The guy could be a huge douche bag and thinks he has shot now. Seemed to work for him to get you to push her away right into his arms.

    • nah man i doubt it. she took the picture. it was off her phone. but he can have her, i dont fucking care. it just makes me mad that every chick i get involved with wants to play the fuck around. the fact that she was with a guy, only a couple of days after our breakup? thats fucked up in my book,

  • I don't like to assume things, but it seems to me like she got her a little fuck buddy on the side and wants you as a friend to help her cope with the trauma in her life. She doesn't want to date anybody. Probably just wants to get laid and have a friend to help her with what she's going through. Of course she wouldn't tell you that though.

    • i dont think she was having sex with him. i mean i hope she isn't that shallow. but i wouldn't be surprised. then again, she was my ex, and we fucked all the time. she begged for it. so I don't know.

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    • pfff a month.. you're BOTH better off without each other.

    • LMAO!! at excitedlobster. If it was me I'd cut her off. She ain't going to put me in the friend zone in a negative way. Nah. But hey you do as you want.

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