Does she like me?

A girl who texts me all the time and I like her a lot, people also think I like her a lot. Anyways, I can't tell if she likes me or not! She sends hearts and says love you and gets mad when I don't text back, but then the other day she told me she misses her boyfriend in France (she's from France; exchange student) and that he misses her too? Also that someone asked her to go see a movie and she wanted to know what I thought she should say. Then she does other things like give me the contact name of "crush" and "bff" , both with heart emojis. (she said bff was an upgrade from crush?). She is always laughing at what I say and asks to meet up after school so we can walk to the parking lot together, even though someone else is driving her. I can't tell if she is friendzoning me or if she actually likes me. People in my class think that she likes me and that we should date, and she made it seem like she liked me, but its things like talking to me about her ex boyfriend that make it seem she doesn't. Or was she trying to make me jealous? ALSO she calls me ugly (playfully), i am always her snapchat story, and she wrote on the board "(my name) + (her name) = bff. I don't know if I am friendzoned or she wants to lead me on to believe she likes me, without giving it away. I hope someone can help me; this whole confusing situation has made me so sad and upset and kind of depressed. Thanks. Any other questions, please ask in the comments, whether it be behavior, etc.
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  • She doesn't not like you


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