I am severly unhappy? why?

I feel empty inside and i tried everything to feel better but it won't go away. I am so bored with my life, its always the same faces, the same places, the same depressed feeling. I dont know if its because i still live in my hometown and nothing changed , im 23 or that its not the town but me? or i feel sometimes out of place here, the people are majority white and i am an foreighn girl, the scene its different, its not ├║rban'' but my fam resides her and moving some where else doesn't seem realistic or safe for me... What is wrong with me? I am not happy, i really am not. I can't even date around anymore, everything i do is without purpose, i get nothing out of it.


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  • Just because the people in your town are mostly white doesn't mean you can't be friends with them. Go to a bar and socialize or maybe even try a dating website. You have plenty to live for, you're only 23 so you still have plenty of time to be happy. What you need to do is make yourself open to people, and acting sad doesn't help that. Even if you have to fake it, just act happy and you'll make plenty of friends.


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  • You lack motivation/goals.


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