I Miss Him, But I dont Know What To Do?

So there's a guy and we met over the summer. he's literally the greatest guy and i was head over heels for him! We talked all day and all night! He told me he loved me and i told him tht he shouldn't say tht bc we couldnt b together bc he lived 3 hours away. We stopped talking for a while and about 4 weeks ago he sent me anothr text say that he loves me. Again I told him not to feel that way. We started having a casual conversation and talked for a few days and all of a sudden it just stopped and we haven't talked for a couple weeks. I've been thinking about it a lot and i think that i do love him and he's honestly the greatest guy I've ever met! I feel comfortable talking 2 him about anything and everything. i want to tell him that i miss him and that i miss our late night conversations but I don't know how. I dont think that im in love with him, but i do feel strongly about him. I've tried to move on and talk 2 othr guys but i can't. I dont want to gwt attached 2 him bc he lives far away, but i want him! I don't know if i should keep trying to move on, or if i should tell him how feel & if so what should i say?


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  • Tell him you miss him as a friend


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