I didn't know a guy was asking me out?

I just made a mistake, I was talking to a guy that I liked and he asked me what I was doing on the weekend and I told him what I had to do because we were talking about how busy I was with work Instead of flirting or asking why.

i am so stupid that I asked him what he was doing too, is there anyway that I can fix this? I see him again soon, he could have just been asking but I lost a chance to flirt and I'm so dumb I can't express myself I knew I should and got nervouse how can I fix this or make him feel not like I wasn't interested ( I can't really flat out ask by the way for some reasons and he can't flat out ask either ) help!
Answer pleaseeee


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  • i know exactly how you feel, like you say something and then you rethink it in your head and realise what you did wrong :D but i think it will be fine, there will be plenty of other opportunities to flirt with him :)

  • That's too bad.


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