Should I ask a friend out just because it makes sense?

Friends of have brought up me and her seeming like a good couple or her being attractive. This was at first awkward because I never thought of her in that way. I do find her attractive but I didn't have the same initial attraction to her like I have with other girls. Now that they have brought it up I have been thinking about it more. Should I ask out a girl for this reason or not? I dont want to make it awkward for her.


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  • I think you should give it some time and see if your feelings for her change. I don't think it's a good idea to just ask her out because it makes sense or because friends say you two look good together. Sure, it could work out if you do that, but what if it doesn't? Then, the friendship is at risk, or, like you said, she might feel awkward if she doesn't feel the same.

    I say, evaluate your feelings a little bit more thoroughly. Really consider if you like her (sure, you find her attractive, but is that enough)? Or, if you've done that already, maybe try talking to her about what she thinks when friends bring up you two looking like a good couple. If she agrees, maybe it would be worthwhile to see where it goes with dating her.

    • I want to see if we are compatible romantically. I just never thought about her in that way and I'm trying to find out if I like her.

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  • Only ask her out if you're attracted to her and if you genuinely like her, just because you guys would look good together doesn't mean you should be together.

    • I just had never thought about her in that way. Now I'm not sure how I feel. how do I find out if we are compatible?

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    • You dont "see" if you like someone it just happens naturally, it sounds like you want to force yourself into liking her

    • I don't know if I'm doing the opposite. And forcing myself not to. I just don't know lol

  • Not if you're not that into her.

    • The problem is I don't know. But I'm thinking about her more lately. How do I find out if I actually like her?

    • Very difficult situation. You have to be willing to take the "ruin the friendship" gamble to find out. Start flirting with her and see how she responds

    • This is true I have to really think about this and whether or not it's worth the risk.

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