I hurt my boyfriend... what do I do?

I guess I was stressed and everyone was irritating me that day and my boyfriend texted me. I was right on sassy and mean to him and I wasn't thinking when I texted back. He asked me if I was okay and I would give a reply like " why wouldn't I be" and if he said do you want a hug? Id say "can you never decide for yourself" I was very messed up to him.. it was the first time ever (we've dated for 7 months) and I think it shocked him to see this side of me.. I never do this to anyone and I watch my words but my stress was building up and I guess it just exploded that say.. He told me that he thought I was someone else and that it hurt... but even while I was doing that he wouldn't get mad and said I love you and goodnight and I would just ignore it.. The next day I felt so bad and I apologized and he said everything was fine and he understood and that I don't need to feel sorry... But I can't believe I hurt him so much... he was pretty hurt I can see it in his eyes but he would still smile at me and pretend it was okay. I feel like crap and I don't know what to do. Hurting him was something I thought I'd never do because I love him so much and he's my first love but I hurt him... Please help me and tell me about his point of view.. will he want to leave me? I don't know what to do now I feel so guilty and sorry..


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  • So here's his point of view. He recognizes that not everyone one is perfect. He recognizes that you realized you were in the wrong. He still cares about you and he's moving on with some trust in you to be aware and not do it more. In the future, he's counting on you to let him know if you are having problems he knows what to do to help you rather than being your whipping boy. Overtime, you will either rebuild that trust or you will erode it, he's trusting you to rebuild it.


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  • He said he's over it and that he's ok. He's likely over it and ok. He won't break up with you unless this is a pattern. If he does break up with you, he's not ready for a relationship

  • Oh he's fine. Tell him you're sorry and move forward. It takes courage to do that but the more you brood ironically the worse he'll feel. The stronger you are the less impact it will have.


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