Should I make a move on my coworker (poll)?

I have a huge crush on an older coworker. He's 40ish, and I'm 25. He's divorced with two children, I've never even been close to married.

Keep in mind, this is a stereotypical tall, dark & handsome man. He's extremely attractive and could probably get any woman he wants, but I've picked up hints that he likes me...

He stares at me all the time, teases me about other guys (at one point he was straight out asking me if I was seeing anyone), and always says good morning to me etc. I feel his eyes often follow me across the room, and sure enough, when I look up he's staring at me. When I take a day off, he always teases me and asks if I was with someone.

So, based on this information, should I make a move? Any suggestions on how I could go about it?
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  • As long as you don't think it'll affect your work why not? I mean sometimes work is the only way you are going to meet someone in this day and age. I love the fact that you're willing to do something about it and you're willing to be aggressive! Go get him girl!


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  • Age should never be a factor

  • yes, more women should


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  • There's a phrase that goes "Don't shit where you eat at." That means you shouldn't mix love and work. Your boss might see that as a possibility of decreased productivity and fire both you and him if she/he thinks it could interfere with business. Plus, that sounds like a bad idea, dating a 'mature' divorcee with kids while you're young.


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