What do you think of the phrase "women are born, men are made"? to me makes a lot of sense, because guys are expected to be molded a certain way?

by life, reality, society, culture, etc. Besides, too many people argue and say, which i will admit bothers me and irritates me, too many people say that guys, men, have become feminized in this generation, too many people argue and say that there is a shortage of "Real Men" in todays society, that guys have lost their touch on how to be a Real Man, etc.

They always talk about what seperates boys from men but not for what seperats girls from women. It's very hard to discuss and put into words, but it's like guys need to be raised by their family, parents, differently than girls do if they want to be respected in life and succeed in the dating/mating game.
*not for what separates girls from women, it's like, guys have to keep proving themselves all the time, meanwhile it seems a girl is automatically accepted by society as a woman.


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  • sounds like someone plagiarized simple de Beauvoir's famous quote from her book The Second Sex, where she distinguishes biology from gender. "One is not born, but rather becomes a Woman"... hm right after defeat off nazis. i wonder if using creating stereotypers and myths to justify murder of millions of human beings, helped inspire the book,, probably.

    in my opinion the way things are largely viewed cross culturally in spite of best intentions in some cases, and little to none intention in others, Men have to prove they are men so they won't be seen as women--which is like the worst fucking thing imaginable to be viewed as. . Women are already seen as Women, they have to prove they are human beings , so they will not be seen as women. Women are 'automatically accepted as Women, as you say, because the role of women, is, ostensibly as low as you can go in becoming hunan. Your assumptions about what it takes to be a man and what it is to be a woman but default, i think, illustrates this prejudice nicely.


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  • i get what your saying, and it really does bother me


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  • I would think maybe it refers to maybe that guys feel the need to prove themselves to be considered manly and women do not necessarily have that.

  • The idea that you have to abide by certain roles in order to be a "real man" is ridiculous.
    A real man is just an adult male. Nothing more, nothing less.


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