Is this guy still interested in me?

i went on a date with this guy i met through an online dating site. when we were talking online, we seemed to get along great. we would stay up till 2am talking to each other. and he would talk to me until he fell asleep. he would text me goodnight and goodmorning all the time.

when we went on the date, we still got a long but not nearly as much as we did online. we still shared a few jokes and laughed though. and the end of the date, he said "next time we should go to _______." so I don't know if that's a good thing?

but now we barely text each other cause he responses to my texts 30- 2 hours later. he used to responed in 30-5mins. he still views my snapchats, and just a few minutes ago, he sent me a snapchat. i'm just so confused rn. is he still interested in me? or should i just move on from talking to him?


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  • You may have intellectual chemistry, and good conversation, but that hasn't translated into anything more, like physical chemistry or romantic chemistry, at least it seems that way for him. He's definitely lost interest if his contact is slowly decreasing. Just ask him outright what's going on, and you'll get your answer. You have nothing to lose, he's a stranger.


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